Summer Schedule 2022-2023

Summer Schedule 2022.JPG
Elite, Jr Elite & Mini Elite Dancers will have required Summer classes on Mondays, July 11-Aug 1 from 4:00-7:00pm.
Students interested in being a part of the Competition Team will also be required to take these classes as your "tryout".


Fall Schedule 2022-2023


Solo, Duet & Trio Requirements & Information for 2022-2023

Dancers must be in two additional dance classes at Gotta Dance in order to do a special performance. One of those classes must be technique. The second class must be the same style genre as the private lesson performance genre. If an interested participant does not have the ability to follow lessons in age appropriate technical classes, the participant will not be permitted to do a special performance. 

Special Performance Participants are up to the discretion of the studio.

We do not offer mother/daughter(s) duets/trios for performances.

Competition Solo/Duet/Trio Performers are required to take all age appropriate competition classes in order to compete the special performance.

Private Lessons may be scheduled for personal enrichment only and have no requirements if there is no performance.

Private Lesson availability will begin with the oldest competition student/senior.
End of the year performance options for Solos, Duets & Trios are a yearly decision. There is never a guaranteed Showcase performance option. Some or all of our Solo/Duet/Trio Performances may only be featured in our Pre-Show or Dress Rehearsal. Some Solo/Duet/Trio performances may only be featured on one night of the two-night Showcase. This decision will be made by the studio owner in the Spring season of the performance year.